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My brother Mac
By: Mary Lou Watkins
We lived on S. West Avenue, near Fleming's Ice Cream parlor. My brother was attending Jackson Junior College at the same time I was a senior at JHS, so he took me to school in a Ford coupe (maybe a '41). He made me get out of the car about a block from school in case he would see some cute girl he could pick up and take her to school.

My parents at both worked for Clark Equipment Co. prior to our moving to Jackson, my mom in Buchanan, my dad in Berrien Springs (where Mac and I attended high school). Berrien Springs' entire school system from K-12 was about 300 students so it was quite different to transfer to JHS where my graduating class was more than that.

Prior to Clark Equipment Co., my family had lived in a suburb of Detroit (Royal Oak)where my dad worked for Plymouth Division. When he hired in at Clark Equipment, we first lived in a cabin at Clear Lake, with no running water and Mac and I walked to a one room schoolhouse outside of Buchanan. That was a great experience, a little chilly, but good. Eventually we moved to Niles on a piece of land that had been part of a farm, but US31 was built through that corner, so the 1-3/4 acres was sold off and we had a great time there. We played with the Durm kids across the road and I learned to shoot baskets with a hoop they had on the side of their barn (I got quite good and could even shoot them backwards and was quite proud of that feat). I haven't tried that for awhile, but as recently as about 10 years ago, I tried it again and was able to make one successful backwards basket.

During my senior year, my parents again moved and I stayed with some friends of my parents in Jackson until graduation. I loved Jackson and spent much of my time with my girlfriend (Mary Craft) and her family. My parents moved to St. Clair Shores (north of Detroit. I joined them following graduation.

I hadn't intended to write this much, but once I started it became easy.
Am anxious to read others' bios as they become available. I don't remember names but might remember them by their pictures.