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Jackson High School - Directory

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Date Range
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Name Current NameLocation


Cramer, Suzanne (Suzanne McClure)
English, Guyla Chicago Il
Koutnik, Ernestine Manassas VA
Mortlock, Peter Portage MI
Oversmith, Larry
Patefield, Mary (Mary 1960) Enterprise FL
Root, Diane (Diane Curth) Eustis Fl
Sheriff, Vickie (Vickie Sheriff-Talbot)
Simon, Steve Winston ga


Barrie, Katherine (Katherine Wyatt)
Cornell, Joanne (Joanne Spencer) Alma MI
Little, Rich Vancouver Wa
McRoy, Edward Carhage MO
Moe, Shirley (Shirley Davis) Jacksonville NC
Piotrowski, Thomas Pequot Lakes MN
Smisko, Michael Prescott Valley AZ


Degraw, Doug
Forbes, Bob
Forbes, Bob
Forbes, Bob
Hashley, Gene Grand Rapids MI
Hicks, Janice
Johnson, Rebecca New Harbor Me
Moreno, Frank
Snow, Carl
Worden, Jerry


Bisbee, David Kewaunee Wi
Blakley, Calvin
Harris, Carrolyn
Howard, Dianne (Dianne howard) Jackson mi
Lasky, Thomas
Latam, Keith
Leverett, Harrison Jackson MI
Meserva, Diana (Diana miller) Jackson mi
Nye, Jan (Jan Findley) Hephzibah Ga
Reynolds, Patty (Patty Winn) Parma MI
Smith, Sara
Wollet, Dick (Dick Wollet) jackson mi


Brunk, Michael Pleasant Lake MI
Cain, Louann (Louann schroeder)
Cantine, Marge Silver Springs FL
Comperchio, Cheryl
Cornwell Sherriff, Patsy
Guise, Sharon (Sharon Young)
Hendrick, Myron APO AE
Kimsma, Gerrit Westzaan
Robb, Richard
Suedmeyer, Paul Apopka FL
Torrey, Jeanette Jaye


Culver, Janice (Janice Stellute)
Rivard, Bert
Verschueren, Jim Dover NH


Barnard, Walter Mystic CT
Halstead, Cheryl (Cheryl Querbach) Benton Harbor MI


Clark, Mary (Mary Turney)
Firth, Robert Jackson MI
Szegda, John
Wenman, Robert
White, Terry


Caswell, Robert
Darling, Gregg
Densmore, Judy (Judy Rundblad) Chicago IL
O'Dowd, Karen
Paige, Charles Los Angeles CA
Smith, Randy Kalamazoo mi
Wood, Charles


Aberle, Paula
Brown, Kenneth Jackson mi
Haughain, Joe (Fig)
Hess, Judy (Judy Solis)
Hester, Calvin
Kusisto, Tim
Tibbitts, Sharmon (Sharmon Hoover) Prudenville M
Wolfe, Michael

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