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Jackson High School Alumni

Matthew Saucedo
Year: (1992)

Updated: 4/8/2012
Last Visit: 4/8/2012

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Things I've been doing lately:
Graduated from Carthage College in 1996 with a Bachelor's degree in Business, Business Admin. Spanish and Marketing. Played and lettered in basketball for two years at the Division III level. In 1995-1996 I was recruited by the Euroleague and played in Madrid, Spain. In 1997 - 1998 I returned to Kenosha, WI and was appointed at the Associate Director of the Spanish Center and Gang Prevention Programs. In 1998, I was hired by Carthage College as an Academic Advisor and Band Director. in in 2000 I received my Masters Degree in Education and Spanish and was appointed to the Associate Spanish Prof. Status. In 2004 I became a certified Spanish teacher in IL/WI and began teaching in Lake County, IL. In 2010 I accepted an associate professor position in Spanish and Latin American studies at Carthage College. In addition, I coached basketball at the middle school level. Furthermore, I have continued to tour during the summers with the band "Flight 64". In 2007 I married Sarah Helminski (Saucedo) and she also is a high school Spanish teacher.
My family:
Father: Carmen recently retired from the Vetrans Administration Hospital Mother: Kathy continues to work as a hair stylist at Mokey's in Jackson, MI. Older Brother: Thaddeus, presently lives in Lansing, MI. Younger Brother: Patrick, presently lives in Lansing, MI coaches high school club swimming.
Life experiences:
Playing and starting for the Carthage Varsity Basketball program from 1992-1995 and breaking two Division III records: Most three-pointers in a Division III game in 1993 (11-14) and most assists in a game (31) "Uh oh, someone learned how to shoot!" 1995-1996: Played for Madrid, Spain Euroleague Basketball. 1997 Working with at-risk Hispanic Youth 1997 1998-2004: Working for Carthage and becoming a College Prof. 2004-Present: Working as Spanish teacher, Coaching and being married to my lovely wife. I'm in my 15th year as a Band Director for Carthage College. The birth of my daughter.
My favorite memories of the good ole days:
Playing basketball in the old gym during lunch and my 25 foot jump shot against Tyri Dye, a great friend, motivator and positive influence with the little time we spent playing ball. As for teachers, yeah...I'm still wondering what I learned. I am still searching for the student teacher Mr. Parsons who student taught Algebra for Mr. Ratchford in 1992. Where are you? You definitely went out of your way for me.
My favorite things now:
Performing live music locally, nationally and in Australia in 2006. Wow! Recording my third album "Destination(s)" I-tunes. Playing Basketball, I'm 6ft and I can still dunk at 37. Spending time with my loving wife and Daughter
My favorite books, movies and music:
I work at:
Carthage College
My website:

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